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Alarm Module

Part #ALM100-01

MFG #ALM100-01

Alarm Module
$269.00 / ea

Maretron’s Alarm Module generates visual and audible alerts for any monitored condition. It includes an extremely loud 105 dB SPL Piezoelectric sounder, along with a red high-brightness LED to indicate an alarm condition. A second green LED indicates that the Alarm Module is powered and ready to be triggered. The audible alarm can sound any one of 32 distinct pre-programmed patterns to indicate different alerts.

The Alarm Module can be triggered by alarms generated by Maretron’s N2KView® Vessel Monitoring System, or by Maretron’s DSM250 Color Graphics Display. The Alarm Module mounts in a standard electric box or can be flush mounted on any surface. Completely waterproof, the Alarm Module can be mounted inside or outside the vessel.

$269.00 / ea
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