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ForwardScan 2D 9-pin

Part #000-11674-001

MFG #000-11674-001

ForwardScan 2D 9-pin
$789.00 / ea

Know what lies ahead, with B&G ForwardScan. This forward-looking sonar provides a clear two-dimensional image of the bottom in front of your vessel, allowing you to navigate shallow or poorly charted waters with confidence. With real-time updates and a forward-looking view of up to eight times your current depth, ForwardScan lets you relax and enjoy a safer day on the water. Our ForwardScan transducer is compatible with B&G Vulcan and Zeus MFD systems and can be easily installed on almost any craft.

ForwardScan® sonar was named winning Consumer Safety Equipment at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards. “The best way to stay safe is to not hit anything in the first place!” – judging committee member David Schmidt, Boating Writers International.

ForwardScan Technology

ForwardScan provides forward-looking, two-dimensional sonar imaging of the bottom ahead of your boat. In shallow, unfamiliar, or poorly charted waters, ForwardScan is a powerful defence against running around, and an invaluable tool for locating secure anchorages. The ForwardScan transducer operates at 180kHz to reduce interference from traditional 200kHz echosounders, and provides: Maximum forward view of 8X your current depth e.g. at 3m (10ft) depth, see up to 24m (80ft) ahead. Nominal forward view of 4-5X your current depth e.g. At 3m (10ft) depth, see 12-15m (40-50ft) ahead.


ForwardScan connects quickly and easily to any B&G Vulcan FS or Zeus3 multifunction display via the StructureScan port, with no additional hardware necessary. On Zeus2 systems, ForwardScan may be connected via an optional SonarHub sounder module.

Bottom Colour Tracking

Bottom Colour Tracking offers a solid 2D rendering of the bottom ahead of your vessel for an uncluttered, immediately understandable view. Make fast and well-informed navigational decisions, without needing to interpret the individual data points returned by the echosounder.

Heading Line View

Heading Line View integrates ForwardScan depth data with the heading line displayed on the navigation page of your B&G MFD. The line is colour-coded in segments to represent deep, medium, and shallow water, with customisable depth ranges to suit your boat’s draught. ForwardScan’s forward range scale is automatically synchronised with the length of the heading line: in split-screen ForwardScan/Navigation view, the full distance from your vessel to the end of the heading line is represented in 2D on the ForwardScan display. Quickly reconcile ForwardScan data with charted depth and your present course, for a comprehensive understanding of what’s ahead.

Easy Installation

ForwardScan can be installed on almost any vessel, with 50.8mm (2”) stainless steel through-hull mount. The mount can accommodate 25.4mm (1”) thick hulls at 12° dead rise, or 19mm (3/4”) hulls at 20°. An optional pre-install kit includes sleeve and blanking plug only, allowing boat-builders to provide ForwardScan as an upgrade option. A ForwardScan transducer can then be added by the dealer or customer, even once the boat has been splashed.

$789.00 / ea
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