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Airmar Videos

Airmar video resources for information and training. For the complete series see the Airmar Technology YouTube channel.

UDST800 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor

Airmar’s new UDST800 just turned your maintenance time into more cruising time…and made your boat smarter too. Ultrasonic speed, depth and temperature in one single housing with no moving parts makes this sensor a high precision, low maintenance solution for use on power and sail boats of all types and sizes. Say goodbye to paddlewheel maintenance and hello to Smart technology, from the company who invented the Smart™ Sensor.

Retrofitting a Transducer

Learn how to retrofit an Airmar Transducer® into an existing housing

Replacing a Paddlewheel Carrier

How to replace a paddlewheel carrier on an Airmar Triducer™ Multisensor.

Airmar DST810 Smart Multisensor

Besides water temperature, depth and newly upgraded 5 Hz (5X per second) speed-through-water output, the DST810 features an integrated attitude sensor for heel and trim data. This information, combined with Airmar’s powerful and simple CAST App, makes heel-compensated speed calibration across multiple heel angles and speed ranges both fast and intuitive, and is independent of the onboard instruments.

Installing an In-Hull Transducer

Overview of a simple installation of a typical in-hull transducer.

Identifying an Installed Transducer

How to identify the transducer in your hull.

Replacing an O-Ring

How to install a replacement O-ring kit on an Airmar Triducer™ Multisensor Insert.

TM165HW High Wide Chirp Transducer

Maximize the coverage under your boat and see what you’ve been missing. The new TM165HW features a high-frequency range of 150 to 250 kHz and a super-wide beamwidth, averaging 30°, providing maximum coverage across the frequency band. In addition to improving the performance of Chirp-capable fishfinders, anglers using this new wide-beam transducer will achieve three-times the coverage compared to standard high-frequency Chirp-ready transducers.

The Best Way To Find Hull Deadrise

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives the rundown on the best way to find your hull's deadrise with the Gemeco iNstall App.

In-Hull Transducer Maintenance

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives a quick rundown on in-hull transducers and the maintenance around them.

Airmar B175M Refit Install

See the install!

Why You Need a Fairing Block

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives the rundown on why you need a fairing block.

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