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Airmar CAST App
The App That Maximizes Your AIRMAR Products

The Airmar CAST App connects directly from iOS and Android Smart devices to Airmar’s Bluetooth® enabled DST810 and DX900+ Smart Multisensors and SmartBoat® System modules. Airmar CAST connects using Bluetooth Low Energy to your Airmar product and makes configuration simple with intuitive menus and guided calibration. View data from the sensor or module in digital or graphical format, quickly turn on or off NMEA 2000® PGNs, configure offsets and more.

When used with Airmar’s DX900+ or DST810 multisensors, the CAST app provides a simple and consistent way of calibrating speed and depth and configuring NMEA 2000® data. Calibrations and configuration changes are stored in the Airmar Multisensor and delivered to the onboard network. The CAST app displays real time, speed-through-water, depth and water temperature data in a digital or graphic format. Simple offsets can be applied to compensate for the depth below keel or depth from surface.

CAST with DST810:

  • CAST provides a consistent and reliable way to calibrate basic and heel-compensated speed-through-water with a step-by-step guided process.
  • For advanced speed-through-water calibration, CAST allows you to manually enter data for up to four heel angles and up to ten speeds. Prior to CAST, this feature was only available on the market through expensive PC software.

CAST with SmartBoat Module:

SmartBoat Modules can be paired with the CAST app to quickly gain access to the SmartFlex View configuration software hosted in each module.

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