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Airmar Technology

DST800L 235kHz, 100W, Smart™ Sensor, Bronze Long-Stem, NMEA 2000®, DST

Part #DST800L-235-N2

MFG #44-197-1-01

DST800L Smart™ Sensor Thru-hull, Bronze
$770.60 / ea

The DST800L is a Smart Triducer® Multisensor that offers depth, speed, and temperature functions in one thru-hull fitting. The long-stemmed transducer is designed for use in thick-hulled, wooden boats or vessels with a steep deadrise. The optional high-performance fairing vertically orients the beam for strong return echoes, resulting in optimal performance even at higher speeds. And being a retractable design, the insert can be removed for servicing or storage. DST800L sends data to any NMEA 2000® display or network.

Airmar's Smart Sensors have embedded microelectronics—the transducer element and signal processor are only millimeters apart. The signals from the sensors are processed right inside the housing itself. All that is needed to receive depth, speed, and temperature data is a single cable into a compatible network or display.

The wide, port-starboard, fan-shaped beam is able to find the bottom even when installed on a high-deadrise hull or a heeling sailboat.

NOTE: The DST800L is a longer version in a B122 housing.

This product can be installed with the supplied Low-Profile adapter ring (33-634-02) OR with the High-Performance Fairing (33-409-01) - Sold Separately.

$770.60 / ea
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