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Digital Yacht

ATN1000 Class 1 Aton

Part #ZDIGATN1000


ATN1000 Class 1 Aton
$99,999.99 / ea

DigAtoN AIS AtoNs fit to marine structures, hazards, buoys or can be configured to represent a virtual or synthetic point if mounted remotely from a physical location.

AIS equipped vessels and shore stations can then not only identify the position of these marks but also read data (such as weather and instruments) collected by the AtoN.

The DigAtoN is available as a Class 1 device (transmit only) or a Class 3 device (transmit and receive). Class 1 devices require a local AIS base station to be operating in the same area as the AtoN whereas Class 3 devices can internally allocate slots for transmission allowing them to be placed anywhere.

Class 3 devices can also be configured and queried remotely and wirelessly “chained” together for extended range configuration.

DigAtoN products are also available with an additional sensor interface installed to allow extended monitoring and digital switching capability.

$99,999.99 / ea
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