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Micro Field Fit Connector, Right-Angle, Female

Part #A2K-FFC-RF


Micro Field Fit Connector, Right-Angle, Female
$36.93 / ea

Fully customize your NMEA 2000® network with the Actisense Field Fit Connections. Available in both male and female variants, as well as right angle options for each, the connectors provide full flexibility and easy to install cables around tight bends.

Actisense Field Fit Connectors allow for secure, reliable connections in any NMEA 2000® installation using Lite cable. The glands inside the connectors tighten around the cable as they are screwed together to maintain watertight integrity.

The Field Fit Connectors allow cables to be cut to any length resulting in less excess. Right angled options mean cables can be fitted at any angle to allow ease of installation from the desired entry point.

$36.93 / ea
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