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Ferret Tools

Ferret Lite IP67 WiFi Inspection Camera Kit

Part #CFWF50L


Ferret Lite IP67 WiFi Inspection Camera Kit
$99.00 / ea

The Ferret Lite, designed and engineered by Ferret Tools, is a general-purpose inspection camera that can give you eyes inside hard to reach locations. Based on the award-winning electronic design of the original Ferret, it includes the new “turn & click” front hook and magnet accessory. Also included is a gooseneck, thread adaptors and USB charge cable.

Ideal for pulling in light cable or for retrieving metallic objects that are out of reach. If you like to keep things simple and don’t need all the bells and whistles, the Ferret Lite is the ideal cost-effective solution to help on the job or at home.

The Ferret Lite incorporates all of the design and innovation of the original award-winning Ferret WiFi.

$99.00 / ea
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