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WeatherStation Cables

WeatherStation cables are available in four versions: NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, combined NMEA 0183 and 2000, and Furuno NMEA 0183. All cables have a round white connector at one end that fits into the base of a weatherstation.

NMEA 2000 cables end in a standard male NMEA 2000 5-Pin connector. If the cable is longer than 6 meters, it contains a built-in termination resistor and is intended to be used as an extension of the network backbone.

NMEA 0183 cables end in an Airmar 8-Pin connector (CX-128) which can be removed if necessary.

Combined cables end in an Airmar 8-Pin connector and are supplied with an Airmar splitter box that has NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 output ports.

Furuno cables end in a 7-Pin Furuno connector and are designed to plug into Furuno NMEA 0183 equipment.

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Part Part # & Length Applications
WS-HUMIDITY Add-on user-installable humidity sensor for WS-120WX and WS-220WX models.
WS2-C02 (2m/6.5')

WS2-C06 (6m/20')

WS2-C10 (10m/33') *

WS2-C30 (30m/100') *

With NMEA 2000 output only. End in a standard male 5-Pin NMEA 2000 connector. Starred cables (*) contain an NMEA 2000 termination resistor.
WS-C01 (1m/3')

WS-C10 (10m/33')

WS-C15 (15m/49')

WS-C25 (25m/82')

WS-C35 (35m/115')

WS-C45 (45m/148')

With NMEA 0183 output only. End in an Airmar 8-Pin connector which can be removed for connection to bare-wire devices.
WS-CC15 (15m/50')

WS-CC30 (30m/100')

With both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 output. Shipped with splitter box and 6m NMEA 2000 cable.
Airmar Splitter Box Supplied with WX NMEA 0183/2000 combination cables.
WS-C10-HTR (10m/33')

WS-C30-HTR (30m/100')

WS-C10-HTR-10 (10m/33')

WS-C30-HTR-10 (30m/100')

For Weatherstations with optional heater. The C10-HTR and C30-HTR have no connector attached. The C10-HTR-10 and C30-HTR-10 have a 10-pin connector (shown) for use with the 24V USB Heater Converter.
WS-CF15 or AIR-339-101 (15m/49')

WS-CF25 or AIR-339-102 (25m/82')

For Furuno NMEA 0183 devices with 7-Pin connector.
WS-FUR-7-8 (0.3m/1') Furuno to Airmar pigtail adapter.
000-159-688 (5m/16') Furuno pigtail cable for NavNet, RD-30.
33-576-01 Connector collar for Weatherstation.
04-673-01 Weatherstation cable extension adapter (white).
04-565-04 Weatherstation cable extension adapter (black).