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VDO Marine has supplied solutions for pleasure boats, yachts and sailing boats since 1958. In 2018, Veratron was established and took over the existing team, having produced VDO Marine products since 1972. The DNA stays and the team is ready to develop under the name Veratron Marine, to produce even better products for the future.

The highest precision and the use of pioneering technologies have always been as important to us as the ease of use and attractive design for all our Marine products. To ensure total reliability - even under the toughest conditions - all our products undergo extensive testing and quality assurance procedures.

NMEA 2000 Modules

Veratron NMEA 2000 modules are NMEA certified and can be used with both AcquaLink and OceanLink displays.

See the Veratron Catalog for full details.

Media Box

The VDO Marine MediaBox can be mounted literally everywhere on the boat. Listen to radio and weather forecasts with its built in AM / FM Tuner or connect a MP3 player via USB or Bluetooth smartphone to enjoy your favorite music. The MediaBox is NMEA 2000 certified and can be used with the VDO Marine AcquaLink and OceanLink TFT Displays.

Engine Box

The EngineBox expands the possibilities of the NavBox for multi-engine applications or can be used as stand-alone when navigation information is not required. The EngineBox has a NMEA2000 and a J1939 CAN port. The EngineBox can also be used on older, completely analog engines, thanks to the analog input ports provided and designed for RPM data, resistive sensors and capacitive sensors.

The EngineBox is available in 2 versions: Single Engine and Dual Engine. The Dual Engine version is designed with doubled frequency and resistive inputs. It allows for a simplified installation wiring within minimized required installation space, therefore reducing the commissioning time.

The EngineBox has to be set up using an intuitive PC configuration tool making it easy for programming the inputs (delivered free of charge). Thanks to the ISO 8846:1990 compliance, the EngineBox is also designed to be installed in engine compartments.

NMEA 2000 Sensors

Veratron NMEA 2000 sensors capture data on environmental conditions and feed that data to your instruments.

See the Veratron Catalog for full details.


The multifunctional AcquaLink NavSensor offers an inertial sensor with a GNSS receiver module to provide the accurate readings of speed of travel as well as pitch & roll. Compass readings can be displayed electronically thanks to the embedded Fluxgate compass, which also facilitate course corrections in electronic autopilots. The barometer and air temperature sensors are early indicators of forthcoming weather conditions.

Veratron GO

All your boat’s data close to your finger tips. Veratron GO is NMEA 2000 certified and features an integrated GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO receiver. Compact and easy to install, it does not require any additional protection against harsh weather conditions. The GO Plus variant integrates a Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy interface allowing the visualization of boat data on your portable devices, such as smartphone or tablet.

Intelligent Battery Sensor

The Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) is the key element of onboard energy management. The IBS reliably and accurately measures the battery parameters: voltage, current and temperature.

Wind Sensor

The wind vane turns in the direction of the wind and steers the wind direction gauge. The wind cups record the relative wind speed which in turn is displayed on the wind speed gauge.

Liquid Level Sensor

Our new NMEA 2000 Liquid Level Sensor, with adjustable dip, provides you with fresh and waste water level.