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R509 Transducer

External 2-3kW dual-band CHIRP fishfinder transducer.

The high-powered R509 is available in the Low/Medium bands, the Low/High bands, and in a Low/High bands version with a widebeam.


Type CHIRP dual-band fishfinder transducer
LM VersionLow Band 28-60 kHz / Beam width 23-9° // Medium Band 80-130 kHz / Beam width 13-8°
LH VersionLow Band 28-60 kHz / Beam width 23-9° // High Band 130-210 kHz / Beam width 8-4°
LHW VersionLow Band 28-60 kHz / Beam width 23-9° // High Wide Band 150-250 kHz / Beam width 25°
Power Rating3000 watts
Mounting External Mount
Housing Urethane
Hull Aperture1.75" (44.5mm)
Cable Length 10 meters
Mix and Match Χ
Temperature Sensor
Speed Sensor Χ
Retractable Insert Χ
Tilted Χ
Status In production
Reference Page View the R509 page on the Airmar website


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Available Models

Error : transducer data not found. Please advise Gemeco.

Replacement Parts

PartAirmar Part #Description
04-648-02High-Performance Fairing
33-511-01Bronze Stuffing Tube
33-541-01Stainless Steel Stuffing Tube