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B765 Transducer

Through-hull 600W dual-band CHIRP fishfinder transducer.

The B765 is available in the Low/Medium and Low/High bands.


Type CHIRP dual-band fishfinder transducer
LM VersionLow Band 40-75 kHz / Beam width 32-21° // Medium Band 80-130 kHz / Beam width 24-16°
LH VersionLow Band 40-75 kHz / Beam width 32-21° // High Band 130-210 kHz / Beam width 15-9°
Power Rating600 watts
Mounting Through-hull with plastic fairing
Housing Bronze
Hull Aperture2" (51mm)
Usable Shaft Length4.75" (121mm)
Cable Length 10 meters
Mix and Match
Temperature Sensor
Speed Sensor Χ
Retractable Insert Χ
Tilted Χ
Status In production
Reference Page View the B765 page on the Airmar website


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Base Models

These Mix and Match base models must be combined with a Mix and Match cable for installation. The suffix '-MM' in the Gemeco part number designates a Mix and Match base model.

TransducerGemeco Part #Airmar Part #Description
B765C-LH-MM41-460-2-01Low/High Bands
B765C-LM-MM41-474-2-01Low/Medium Bands

Mix and Match Cables

This transducer uses the CHIRP Mix and Match system. Installation requires two parts - a base model plus one of the CHIRP Mix and Match (MMC) cables listed below.

Each base model has a 9 meter pigtail cable permanently attached. This cable ends in an Airmar 11-pin female connector. The Mix and Match cables are 1 meter long and have a male Airmar 11-pin connector at one end (to connect to the transducer pigtail) and a brand-specific connector at the other end (to connect to the sounder or fishfinder). If an owner changes their fishfinder or sounder, a different MMC cable can be installed without disturbing the transducer itself or needing to re-run cable through the boat.

Cable ConnectorGemeco Part #Airmar Part #LengthEquipment
MMC-033-1359-011 metersBare wire applications
MMC-11R-HM33-1402-011 metersRaymarine High/High Wide/Medium Band 11-pin
MMC-11R-LDB33-1357-011 metersRaymarine Low & Dual-Band 11-pin
MMC-12G33-1356-011 metersGarmin orange 12-pin
MMC-14HB33-1386-011 metersHumminbird 14-pin
MMC-8G33-1354-011 metersGarmin blue 8-pin
MMC-9N33-1394-011 metersNavico 9-pin
MMC-9N233-1395-011 metersNavico Dual 9-pin
MMC-BL33-1355-011 metersLowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
MMC-BL233-1358-011 metersLowrance/Simrad Dual Y-cable blue 7-pin
MMC-HB33_1385-011 metersHumminbird #9

Replacement Parts

PartAirmar Part #Description
02-030Bronze Hull Nut
117WR-1Crows Foot Wrench
117WR-2Single Handle Wrench
117WR-3Double Handle Wrench
117WR-4Single Handle Wrench
33-476-01High-Performance Fairing