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B744VL Transducer

Through-hull 600W 50/200 kHz long-stem fishfinder transducer with speed and temperature sensors.

This transducer is sometimes referred to as the B744VLC to distinguish it from the earlier (pre-2009) model. A shorter-stem version (the B744V) is also available.


Type Standard non-CHIRP fishfinder transducer
Frequency50 kHz / 200 kHz
Beam Width45° at 50kHz / 12° at 200kHz
Power Rating600 watts
Mounting Through-hull with plastic fairing
Housing Bronze
Hull Aperture2" (51mm)
Usable Shaft Length5.5" (140mm)
Cable Length 10 meters
Mix and Match Χ
Temperature Sensor
Speed Sensor
Retractable Insert
Tilted Χ
Status In production
Reference Page View the B744VL page on the Airmar website


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Available Versions

These transducers have a permanently attached 10 meter cable ending in a brand-specific connector. If the owner changes their sounder/fishfinder equipment to a different brand, the transducer may not be compatible with the new equipment. Adapter cables are available for some combinations of new and old equipment, but not for all.

Cable ConnectorGemeco Part #Airmar Part #EquipmentHousing
B744VL-10F31-664-2-02Furuno 10-pinBronze
B744VL-10N31-707-5-02Northstar 10-pinBronze
B744VL-50200-BL31-710-1-01Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pinBronze
B744VL-50200-RAY31-709-1-02Raymarine DSM300Bronze
B744VL-6G31-707-1-02Garmin 6-pinBronze
B744VL-6N31-705-1-01Navman/Northstar 6-pinBronze
B744VL-731-707-3-03Older Simrad, JRC 7-pinBronze
B744VL-831-707-4-02Older Furuno, Raytheon 8-pinBronze
B744VL-8G31-707-7-02Garmin blue 8-pinBronze
B744VL-BB31-664-1-01Standard Horizon 8-pinBronze

Legacy Adapter Cables

These 1-meter adapter cables are made for older transducer designs that have permanently-attached cables and which do not use the Mix and Match system. They enable a transducer with a cable ending in one connector to be used with a sounder or fishfinder that takes a different connector.

TransducerBrandSounder/FishfinderBrandGemeco Part #Description
FurunoGarminADAPT-10-6DTV2Furuno 10-pin to Garmin 6-pin
FurunoSimradADAPT-10-7Furuno 10-pin to Simrad/JRC/Raytheon 7-pin
FurunoFurunoADAPT-10-8Furuno 10-pin to Furuno 8-pin
FurunoNorthstarADAPT-10F-10NFuruno 10-pin to Norstar 10-pin
NorthstarLowranceADAPT-10N-7BLNorthstar 10-pin to Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
FujiFurunoADAPT-3-8Fuji 3-pin to Furuno/Fuji 8-pin
FurunoFurunoADAPT-8-10Furuno 8-pin to Furuno 10-pin
FurunoFujiADAPT-8-3Fuji/Furuno 8-pin to Fuji 3-pin
FurunoGarminADAPT-8-6DOFuruno 8-pin to Garmin 6-pin depth only
FurunoGarminADAPT-8-6DTFuruno 8-pin to Garmin 6-pin

Replacement Parts

PartAirmar Part #Description
02-030Bronze Hull Nut
04-234-1Plastic Cap Nut
04-565-02Plastic Cap Nut
117WR-1Crows Foot Wrench
117WR-2Single Handle Wrench
117WR-3Double Handle Wrench
117WR-4Single Handle Wrench
33-113Paddlewheel Kit
33-428-01Low-Speed Fairing
33-443-01Forward Bolt Kit
33-476-01High-Performance Fairing
33-535-01Paddlewheel Kit with Valve
33-551-03Blanking Plug
33-590-02Speed Insert
B744VLC-INS-BLSpeed & Temperature Insert for Lowrance 7-pin blue equipment
B744VLC-INS-JBSpeed & Temperature Insert for all equipment except Raymarine, Lowrance and Navman
B744VLC-INS-RAYSpeed & Temperature Insert for Raymarine fishfinders
B744VLC-INS-STSpeed & Temperature Insert for Raymarine ST instruments