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B744VL (Pre-2009) Transducer


Through-hull fishfinder transducer


Type Standard non-CHIRP fishfinder transducer
Frequency kHz / kHz
Beam Width° at kHz / ° at kHz
Mounting Through-hull with plastic fairing
Cable Length 0 meters
Mix and Match Χ
Temperature Sensor Χ
Speed Sensor Χ
Retractable Insert Χ
Tilted Χ
Status Discontinued
Reference Page N/A


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Replacement Parts

PartAirmar Part #Description
01-591-KITClevis Pin Kit
33-113Paddlewheel Kit
33-218Multisensor Spares Kit
33-428-01Low-Speed Fairing
33-443-01Forward Bolt Kit
33-476-01High-Performance Fairing
33-483-01Blanking Plug
B744VL-INS-BLSpeed & Temperature Insert for Lowrance 7-pin blue equipment
B744VL-INS-JBSpeed & Temperature Insert for all equipment except Raymarine, Lowrance and Navman
B744VL-INS-RAYSpeed & Temperature Insert for Raymarine fishfinders
B744VL-INS-STSpeed & Temperature Insert for Raymarine ST instruments