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B122 Transducer

Through-hull 300W 200kHz fishfinder transducer

The analog version of the B122 functions at 200kHz only


Type Standard non-CHIRP fishfinder transducer
Frequency kHz / 200 kHz
Beam Width° at kHz / 12° at 200kHz
Power Rating300 watts
Mounting Through-hull with plastic fairing
Housing Bronze
Hull Aperture2" (51mm)
Usable Shaft Length2.18" (55mm)
Cable Length 10 meters
Mix and Match Χ
Temperature Sensor
Speed Sensor Χ
Retractable Insert
Tilted Χ
Status In production
Reference Page View the B122 page on the Airmar website


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Available Versions

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Legacy Adapter Cables

These 1-meter adapter cables are made for older transducer designs that have permanently-attached cables and which do not use the Mix and Match system. They enable a transducer with a cable ending in one connector to be used with a sounder or fishfinder that takes a different connector.

TransducerBrandSounder/FishfinderBrandGemeco Part #Description
FurunoGarminADAPT-10-6DTV2Furuno 10-pin to Garmin 6-pin
FurunoSimradADAPT-10-7Furuno 10-pin to Simrad/JRC/Raytheon 7-pin
FurunoFurunoADAPT-10-8Furuno 10-pin to Furuno 8-pin
FurunoNorthstarADAPT-10F-10NFuruno 10-pin to Norstar 10-pin
NorthstarLowranceADAPT-10N-7BLNorthstar 10-pin to Lowrance/Simrad blue 7-pin
FujiFurunoADAPT-3-8Fuji 3-pin to Furuno/Fuji 8-pin
FurunoFurunoADAPT-8-10Furuno 8-pin to Furuno 10-pin
FurunoFujiADAPT-8-3Fuji/Furuno 8-pin to Fuji 3-pin
FurunoGarminADAPT-8-6DOFuruno 8-pin to Garmin 6-pin depth only
FurunoGarminADAPT-8-6DTFuruno 8-pin to Garmin 6-pin

Replacement Parts

PartAirmar Part #Description
02-131-01Bronze Cap Nut
33-409-01High-Performance Fairing
33-414BCBlanking Plug
33-634-02B122 Adapter Ring
B122-HSGB122 Long-Stem Bronze Housing Kit