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Tides Marine

Tides Marine, makers of dripless shaft seals, have launched a range of NMEA-2000 compatible temperature sensors and accessories that can be used with any dripless seal.

Main Unit

The Tides Marine SmartSeal® Temperature Sensor system is designed to detect and provide early warning of various vessel conditions that may lead to shaft seal damage or failure.

The SmartSeal system is available for use in single or twin engine vessels and consists of a main control unit and optional remote units. The main unit is installed in the vessel’s engine room or engine compartment. An engine room temperature sensor is included in each main control unit. The system employs thermistor sensors (one per engine) to measure temperature directly at the water injection fitting. The individual shaft seal sensors are monitored by a microprocessor that collects sensor data and reports the summarized warning and status information to receiving peripherals. These peripherals can range from simple warning and status indicators visible on the main and remote SmartSeal® units, to network transmission of industry standard NMEA2000® compliant messages reported to an MFD or vessel computer system.

The SmartSeal system can be installed on vessels already equipped with a NMEA2000 network but will operate equally well on non-NMEA 2000 vessels. Main and remote units can be simply attached to the existing NMEA network, or a dedicated SmartSeal network can be installed using readily-available NMEA2000 micro series cables, connectors and accessories.

See the Installation Diagrams tab for typical system layouts.

Remote Units

A complete SmartSeal system is comprised of a bulkhead mounted main control unit and one or more optional remote units. Remote units are available in panel or bulkhead mounting configurations and multiple remote units can be installed throughout the vessel. This is particularly useful for monitoring from the helm, bridge, captains quarters etc. Each remote display simply attaches to the network using a standard micro-C drop cable but will also operate on non-NMEA 2000 vessels. The main and remote units are IP66+ rated (waterproof for heavy spray and brief submersion), so any unit may be mounted in damp or wet locations. The panel mounted Remote units are additionally O-ring sealed against the face of the panel they are mounted to so may be used in locations which are exposed to rain or sea water (e.g. mounting on a flybridge).

Injection Fittings

The sensor cable from the control unit attaches to the water injection fitting on the shaft seal. If the SmartSeal system is being installed in conjunction with a Tides SureSeal installation, the temperature sensor clamps will apply directly to the existing water injection fittings. If the vessel does not have Tides SureSeals installed, simply replace the existing water injections fittings with these optional injection fittings. They are available in ¼" NPT and ⅜” NPT to accommodate the injection fitting sizes for all common shaft seal systems.

Remote Warning Siren

The sensor cable that is included with each main unit contains a pair of leads that can be used to activate an external siren or alarm. This wire pair outputs 12V DC during a critical alarm event. Using these two leads, the optional alarm siren can be attached to the main control unit to sound if a critical alert occurs. The SmartSeal siren outputs different tones based on how it is wired, allowing separate warning tones of your choice.

Extension Cable

The provided sensor cables with the main unit each measure 10 meters / 33 feet long. This optional extension cable extends this distance by another 10 meters / 33 feet, and up to two of these extensions can be added per sensor cable. The total length of each sensor cable is not limited.