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Datamarine SX-120/SX-160/STX-20 Transducers

This page describes Datamarine products using the 408P housing. Datamarine parts can be obtained from DMI, Inc.

Datamarine used the 6-blade P-121 paddlewheel with pointed tips. The RSW-TH and 33-108 paddlewheels can be used as a substitute.

The SX-120 is a speed-only transducer with a 10' cable ending in a BNC female conector. A BNC extension cable was often used.

The SX-160 and STX-20 are discontinued but can be replaced with the SST-109 from DMI. These two transducers both used a 33' 3-wire cable.


408P Housing

408P Installed with Clevis Pin

Datamarine Paddlewheel P-121

SX-120 with Anti-Fouling Paint

408P Blanking Plug 408BP

SX-120 with P-121 Paddlewheel

Speed Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-108 Airmar Paddlewheel for 408P.
408BP Blanking Plug for 408P.
RSW-TH Radarsonics Paddlewheel for 408P.