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ST650 Transducers

The ST650 replaced the original non-valve ST100/ST550 series with a new integrated valve system. The ST650 insert will fit into the P17/B17 housings used by the ST100/ST550. The ST650 has now been replaced by the ST850.

The valve sleeve is held in place by the black knurled screw-down cap and the insert is retained into the valve sleeve by a clevis pin.

P17 Housing for ST650

Housing with Valve Sleeve installed

Housing with Insert installed

ST650 Insert 31-275

ST650 Blanking Plug 20-602

ST650 Valve Sleeve

Speed/Temp Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
04-400 Hull Nut for P17.
20-602 ST650 Blanking Plug.
33-100 B17 Bronze Housing
33-113 Paddlewheel kit for ST650
31-275 ST650 Insert.
33-415 Paddlewheel kit with valve sleeve for ST650
33-417 P17 Plastic Housing
405 Bronze Hull Nut for B17 Housing. 2" ID.