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The 408P style speed/temperature housings were primarily used by Datamarine, Si-Tex and Marinetek in the USA. Datamarine used a different paddlewheel (P123). Both Radarsonics and Airmar manufactured this style of housing.

Note that the retaining pin (clevis pin) slides through the main threaded part of the housing. The housing is 2" OD and does not have a valve option.

The Si-Tex and Marinetek models used the 6-blade 33-108 paddlewheel, and used generic 3-wire speed circuits and 10k thermistors.

See the page on the SX120/SX-160/STX-20 for details of the Datamarine models.

408P Housing

408P Installed with Clevis Pin

408P with Safety Chain

408P Insert

408P Blanking Plug 408BP

Radarsonics Paddlewheel RSW-TH

Speed Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-108 Airmar Paddlewheel for 408P.
408BP Blanking Plug for 408P.
RSW-TH Radarsonics Paddlewheel for 408P.