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The ST300 is a short-stem speed and temperature transducer for applications with limited headroom.

There are three versions currently available: ST300-4 with a 4-pin Fuji connector for Impulse or Vertex Standard; ST300-8 with an 8-pin Fuji (Furuno) connector; and ST300-FISO with mini-spade connectors for Raymarine instruments.

The ST300 can be easily identified by the large arrow on the cap. The 2" OD thru-hull housing has an unusual two-sided valve.

ST300 Top View

ST300 Speed/Temperature Insert ST300-INS

ST300 Blanking Plug 33-386-01

ST300 Housing 33-361-01

Speed/Temperature Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-350-01 Paddlewheel kit for ST300.
33-361-01 Housing for ST300.
33-386-01 Blanking plug for ST300.
ST300-INS Speed/Temperature insert for ST300.