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The ST200 has been discontinued since mid-2000. It used a housing with a 1 11/16" OD. The speed/temperature insert is held in place by a clevis pin through the threaded portion of the housing.

A side-lobe paddlewheel was initially available but is now discontinued. The current 33-114 paddlewheel can be used as a replacement part.

The ST200 transducers did not use valve housings or valve sleeves.

ST200 insert with current 33-114 Paddlewheel

ST200 with original 33-114 Side-Lobe Paddlewheel

ST200 Blanking Plug 33-412

Original 33-114 Side-Lobe Paddlewheel

Current 33-114 Paddlewheel

Speed Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-114 Paddlewheel kit for ST200.
33-412 Blanking plug for ST200.