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Simrad Yachting

Simrad Yachting provides a complete range of navigation solutions, communications equipment and instrumentation to customers around the world. The range covers recreational vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts and Sportfishing vessels up to luxury cruisers and superyachts. The Simrad Professional series offers equipment for search and rescue/patrol boats, work boats, commercial fishing boats, passenger vessels, super yachts and short sea/cargo vessels.

Simrad Yachting is a division of Navico, together with Lowrance and B&G.

BSM-3 Sounder

Designed for professionals and serious sportfishing enthusiasts, the BSM-3 is a high performance, dual-channel broadband sounder with CHIRP technology. Its 3,000m working range means you can venture further offshore, with the confidence to find the fish you’re looking for. Get the matching transducers from Gemeco.


The compact SonarHub module provides an all-in-one solution for adding StructureScan HD and single-band CHIRP sonar capabilities to Simrad NS multifunction displays. Compatible with the complete line of Simrad NSS Sport, NSE Expert and NSO Offshore multifunction displays, the plug-and-play network solution makes it easier than ever to identify productive fishing areas with connectivity to the latest Simrad sonar technologies. The innovative SonarHub module uses Airmar transducers distributed by Gemeco.

Airmar Transducers

Gemeco stocks a complete range of conventional and CHIRP transducers for use with Simrad equipment.

GoFree WIFI-1

The WIFI-1 is a wireless bridge allowing multiple tablets or smartphones to be used to view Simrad network data. The WIFI-1 connects to Simrad Multifunction Displays via Ethernet and supports wireless connectivity using 802.11 b+g wireless protocols.