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Seaview by PYI Inc.

Seaview is the global leader in designing and manufacturing mounting solutions for marine electronics. Seaview offers hundreds of installation options for optimal positioning of radars, satellite, gps, vhf, cameras, searchlights and navigation lights. Seaview mounting solutions will not only provide unmatched strength and durability but look elegant, complementing the styling of your boat & provide a lasting investment.

Seaview is a division of PYI Inc.

Aft Leaning Mount

This 5" tall PMA-57-M1 aft leaning modular mount works with closed dome radars, open array radars, satdomes and cameras.

Dual Mounts

Seaview dual mounts ensure maximum performance out of your electronics and eliminates radar interference. Compact installation of radar and antennas, thermal cameras or spot lights together on a single space saving mount. Tapered spreaders, flood lights and many other accessories are available for these dual mounts.

Mast Mounts

Seaview Mast Mounts are designed to have the radar or satdome as close as possible to the mast. Ultra heavy duty mounting feet and rivets are used to secure the Mast Mount to the mast.

Low Profile Arch Adapters

Seaview Low Profile Adapters are ideal for installations where space is limited due to their small mounting base. All models come with a gasket and space for easy cable management making for a very clean installation.