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Scanstrut ROKK

We've all been there. Huddled around a single USB charger on a boat, taking turns charging our phones and mobile devices with one shared charging cable. Thanks to Scanstrut, that never needs to happen again! Scanstrut's new ROKK wireless charging solutions offer a product to keep every one of your customers fully charged - without wires. This includes phones that do not have the latest Qi wireless charging technology!

ROKK Wireless Active

Keep your phone in easy reach, fully charged and ready to go with Scanstrut's new ROKK Wireless Active Qi charger. Perfect for boat consoles or any vehicle exposed to harsh outdoor elements, your customers may want more than one to power their rugged outdoor lifestyles.

Simple, one-handed operation makes it easy to dock your phone and instantly start charging...without phone charging cables. Its high-grip, self-aligning jaws ensure your phone is held tightly and in the optimum charging position every time. Compatible with wireless charging-enabled phones of all sizes from all major brands including Samsung, Apple and many more. Charging is also possible through non-metallic, waterproof cases.

Many phones have Qi ('chee') charging capability built-in. For phones without Qi, an adapter patch is available.

For more details see the Active Datasheet and the Active Brochure.

ROKK Wireless Edge

The Edge is the latest addition to the world’s first outdoor-ready, waterproof wireless charging phone mount range.

Edge securely holds and wirelessly charges your phone even in the toughest outdoor conditions. Now you can keep your phone in sight, fully charged and ready to go…

Right up to the Edge: with the smallest footprint, Edge now means you have even more choice of how and where you install your phone mount and charger combo. Crowded consoles, side-mounting, flat and vertical surfaces are all suitable.

Put your phone on its Edge: Rotate your phone from portrait to landscape to view your favourite navigation app or simply fine-tune the position for the optimum viewing angle.

For more details see the Edge Datasheet and the Edge Brochure.

Waterproof Qi Charger Surface Mount

A surface-mounted Qi charger for compatible phones. This version is low-profile, flush-mounted, and ultra grippy. It fits any smooth surface.

Fully capsulated and sealed, ROKK wireless charging pads are the perfect solution for sail and powerboats, RVs and anywhere you require an ultra-safe wireless charge outdoors, and you have an available 12V/24V DC supply. The charging pad is 3.86" (98mm) wide.

Just place any Qi-compatible phone on the charger surface and wireless charging will begin.

For more details see the Surface Datasheet and the Surface Diagram.

Waterproof Qi Charger Bezel Mount

The bezel mount version is the easiest to install.

For more details see the Bezel Diagram.

Waterproof Qi Charger Hidden Mount

The hidden mount version offers customers a discreet phone charging location with minimal visual impact.

For more details see the Hidden Diagram.

Charging Patch

This adapter plate is for phones that do not have Qi charging built in. Simply plug the charge patch into your phone's charging port, place it on the back of the phone and then clip on your phone case over the top. Available for Micro USB (Android) or Lightning (Apple) connections. Your phone is now ready to be charged by any of the 12/24V ROKK wireless chargers or any other Qi-certified charging product.

Waterproof USB Ports

Scanstrut's new 12/24V waterproof dual USB Charge Sockets are the perfect way to charge your devices onboard, whatever the weather. Perfect for RIBS, sail and powerboats of any size, the dual socket will connect and charge devices including phones, tablets, fishfinders, chartplotters & more!