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Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries manufacturers high end LED lights for all the needs of the boat captain or dock hand, with multiple beam patterns for specific applications.

Rigid Industries takes pride that their products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. Rigid Industries has seen extremely fast paced growth as a leader in forward projecting lighting and it is approaching its 10th year in business. Total employment is over 2,400 with customers in 40 countries.

Wake Flame

The Wake Flame SXL underwater light has a 50,000+ hour life span and instant on-off switching.

LED Advantages

LED lights are fast replacing conventional lighting in the marine industry due to their high energy efficiency.

Flush and Bracket Mounting

Rigid LEDs can be flush-mounted in vertical and horizontal surfaces or bracket-mounted for greater versatility.

Dual Function Lights

High & Low Dual Function lights have a three-position switch to give full intensity or reduced 20% power.