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P66 Transducers

The P66 Triducer is a transom-mount depth, speed and temperature transducer. It operates at 50/200 kHz, with a beam of 45°/11° and a rated RMS power of 600W.

The P66 is available in Mix and Match or fixed cable versions for most popular electronics brands. There is also a depth-only version.

The P66 was made in a slightly different version before 2004. Click here for an explanation of the differences.

P66 Current Style With Horseshoe Cable Cutout

P66 Dimensions Showing Older-Style Cable Exit

P66 Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-479-01 Transom Bracket Kit (new style)
33-346-03 Paddlewheel and Carrier Kit (both styles)
04-349-02 Cover for older style. This cover can be used in combination with the 33-479-01 kit
as an alternative to the now-discontinued 20-275-01 Transom Bracket Kit for the older P66 style