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P52 Transducers

The P52 Triducer was a transom-mount depth, speed and temperature transducer. It operated at 50/200 kHz, with a beam of 45/11°.

Versions were available for Furuno 8-Pin, Furuno 10-Pin, JRC/Simrad 7-Pin, and Ratheon 7-Pin (V-850). There was also a Garmin 6-Pin 200 kHz only model.

A depth-only 200 kHz model was also available for Fuji 3-Pin and RCA connectors.

P52 side view

P52 depth-only

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-105 Paddlewheel and carrier
20-035 Stainless steel release bracket
20-039 Replacement bracket (shown with depth-only transducer)