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  • By Peter Braffitt
  • Posted Feb 28th, 2017

Hey, is this thing on?

We are excited to introduce you to the most innovative 12-volt charging technology available - the EFOY Comfort Series Fuel Cell. A fuel cell is a device that uses a source of fuel and an oxidant to create electricity from an electro-chemical process. In principal, this is the reverse of electrolysis. It might sound like something right out of a recent science fiction movie but this silent, eco-friendly technology from EFOY has actually been around for more than 10 years, with over 35,000 fuel cells currently in service worldwide.

The EFOY Comfort system is a lightweight (under 20 pounds) and highly compact (18 x 12 x 8 inches) power generator that automatically maintains the charge level of any 12-volt system without the noise and fumes of a typical gas powered generator. It exhausts water and warm air so it's safe for use in confined areas that are typical of a marine application. Installing an EFOY fuel cell is truly as simple as a 4-wire connection to the 12-volt electric system, attaching the included water drain hose and then connecting the fuel cartridge.

In literally minutes you have a fully capable solid-state generator on-line. There is no complicated programming required and the built-in monitoring circuitry automatically starts and stops the fuel cell to maintain a full charge. Battery charging does not get any easier or more efficient than this.

  • Three models offer 80, 140 or 210 Ah capability per day
  • Extremely quiet - perfect for a great night's sleep at anchor
  • Fully automatic for maintenance free, unattended operation
  • Environmentally friendly and outputs no harmful emissions
  • More power than solar with continuous operation day and night
  • Easily functions in conjunction with solar charging systems
  • Each fuel cartridge delivers up to 4 weeks of off-grid charging
  • Intuitive and user friendly remote operator interface
  • Optional Bluetooth adapter and EFOY app available
Gemeco is honored to be distributing EFOY Comfort fuel cells on the East Coast and into the Mid-West. We are currently building a network of installers and fuel cartridge suppliers to service new and existing EFOY users. These locations will be listed on the EFOY website so interested buyers can locate a dealer in their region. If you are interested in these opportunities please email us at info@gemeco.com. To view more information on the EFOY Comfort fuel cells you can visit the EFOY page on this site, download a full product line brochure here or visit the EFOY Comfort website at www.efoy-comfort.com. You can also view an EFOY Comfort system Overview Video and Installation Video on YouTube.

  • By Peter Braffitt
  • Posted Feb 27th, 2017

iNstall App now available on iOS, Android & the Web.

The popular iNstall app from Gemeco is now available on three platforms : iTunes for the iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android phones and on a new website at www.gemecoinstall.com.

These new versions offer you a choice of four languages - English, French, Italian and Spanish.

iNstall is a marine installer’s virtual toolbox – providing instant access to many of Gemeco’s technical resources and diagnostic tools so that you can get the job done right—the first time. Marine electronics dealers and repair specialists will appreciate the ability to solve installation, wiring and product selection issues while onboard.

Whether it’s selecting the right transducer, identifying the correct tilt angle, or ordering the right cable to install the latest marine electronics, iNstall puts all the answers to your installation questions right in the palm of your hand.

Be prepared 24/7 and gain the peace of mind and confidence you need to ensure happy customers and well-equipped boats. With iNstall, you can be sure you have all the latest specifications and installation documents everywhere you go – at the dock, on the water…and everywhere in between.

  • By Peter Braffitt
  • Posted May 19th, 2016

Airmar Announces Redesigned Website

Airmar Technology Corporation, experts in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of innovative ultrasonic transducers, has announced the release of their new, fully-featured website. Airmar’s new site has been completely redesigned with simple site navigation and advanced search in mind.

Airmar’s new website is built to cater to the many different boaters, sport fishing enthusiasts, scientists, and industry professionals who depend on the reliability of Airmar products. “At Airmar we understand that our end-users utilize our products for a wide variety of applications. Therefore, in response to customer feedback, Airmar has included industry specific solution pages, to help bring users to the Airmar products that apply most to their needs. Whether sensing through water, sensing through air, or sensing weather; Airmar’s industry solutions pages can be used to help guide visitors to the product right for them,” said Jennifer Piper, Marketing Manager.

Airmar has also incorporated advanced search into the new website, making it easier than ever to find a specific Airmar product. For marine applications such as boating and fishing, a new product search has been added to the marine transducer section of the website, as well as an additional product filter to get product search results quickly. This has been incorporated to help narrow down transducer offerings for users that know their fishing conditions, but may not know what transducer is best for their need. Links to Airmar's various brands and distributors are also accessible directly from the home page.

Connecting with Airmar through social media has never been easier than now, with links to their Youtube videos, Airmar’s blog, and LinkedIn page. To visitors that come from all over the world, Airmar has included German, Spanish, Italian, and French language options.

Product pages on the new site have been overhauled to include additional product information as well as installation/owner’s guides and technical information. Airmar’s transducer cross-reference has also been updated to include the newest products, transducer compatibility with various echo sounders, and additional information that was not included in the older version.

The new Airmar website is developed with responsive design so it is viewable from any mobile platform or device.

Click to view the redesigned Airmar Website.

  • By Peter Braffitt
  • Posted April 22nd, 2016

New Airmar Ultra Wide Beam CHIRP Transducers

Keeping you ahead of the competition and on top of the fish! Outfish the competition with Airmar's new tournament series Ultra Wide Beam CHIRP transducers. Now, get even more coverage under the boat. These Ultra Wide transducers offer a 40 degree beamwidth. Combining a low-frequency range of 40 to 60 kHz with a medium-frequency range of 80 to 130 kHz, this tournament series reveals more fish in the water column than ever before and is being reported by captains as the best transducer option. Don't miss the fish - install this transducer for your next tournament season. You'll be impressed with the results on your CHIRP display!

Click to download the Ultra-Wide Brochure.

  • By Tracy Braffitt
  • Posted January 20th, 2016

Airmar Announces New Marine WeatherStations®

Airmar has recently restructured the WeatherStation product range to simplify ordering. These new models are designed specifically for marine use. The WS-120WX and WS-220WX do not include humidity as standard. Instead, an optional add-on humidity sensor is available to field-upgrade either of them, or as a kit when you purchase one of these new sensors. Adding humidity sensing is a simple plug-and-play two-screw installation and can be completed at any time by any skill level. A heater option will also be available in the near future, resulting in a total of six assembly numbers available for the recreational industry.

  • WS-120WX : No humidity
  • WS-120WX-RH : Kitted with humidity sensor
  • WS-120WX-HTR : Heater but no humidity sensor
  • WS-220WX : No humidity
  • WS-220WX-RH : Kitted with humidity sensor
  • WS-220WX-HTR : Heater but no humidity sensor
The WS-120WX and WS-220WX and the variants listed above are the only models that Gemeco will have available in the future. These new WS-120WX and WS-220WX models are in stock now and ready for immediate order. The heater versions are expected to arrive in spring 2016.

Click to download the brochure.

  • By Peter Braffitt
  • Posted January 1st, 2016

Welcome to the new Gemeco website

Today marks the launch of our new website, packed with details of the product lines we sell. We are confident that you will find it a valuable resource, whether you are a marine professional or a boat owner. I would like to hear from you personally about your reactions to the website, so that we can continue to improve it to serve you better.

Contact me and let me know your thoughts.

Our goal is seemingly simple - to offer our customers unmatched, cross-brand technical support at a level that rivals any manufacturer we represent. To accomplish this we employ a team of passionate boaters who understand the challenges you face in this rapidly changing market. We provide a working environment that empowers them to explore - including an integrated NMEA 2000 network and a stockpile of the latest marine technology we can obtain. This arms each technician with the very tools they need to duplicate the exact challenge you are experiencing. No other marine distributor in the world makes this investment to ensure your success. If you are just like us and want to give your customers the finest level of support possible, we are truly your secret weapon.

Peter Braffitt - General Manager