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Jaltest Vessel Diagnostics

Jaltest Marine is the latest Multibrand Diagnostics Solution developed by Cojali. This new product is aimed to perform diagnostics and maintenance procedures on Inboard, Outboard and Jet Skis engines. Jaltest Marine provides marine workshops and shipyards with the experience of the Jaltest Development and Technical Assistance departments

Diagnostics Kit

Jaltest Marine comprises, in just one tool, advanced diagnostics, service maintenance and technical data for boats, skiffs, yachts or Jet Skis:

  • Reading and clearing of errors
  • System technical data
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Engine technical data
  • Service and maintenance data
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Troubleshooting step by step

Gemeco Catalog

See a preview of the Jaltest pages in the upcoming new Gemeco 2018 Catalog.

Marine Interface

The diagnostic tool at the heart of the Jaltest system, it is programmed to transfer information with all communication protocols quickly and efficiently

  • Original Manufacturer Multibrand Diagnostics
  • Rugged Equipment
  • Connection via Bluetooth and USB
  • European Technology, American Strength

Inboard & Outboard Interfaces

Interface cables are available for a wide range of inboard and outboard engine brands.

YouTube Videos

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Training Courses

Contact us for details of Jaltest training courses.