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The iNstall app is designed to make life easier for transducer and electronics installers

iNstall is a marine installer’s virtual toolbox – providing instant access to many of Gemeco’s technical resources and diagnostic tools so that you can get the job done right—the first time. Marine electronics dealers and repair specialists will appreciate the ability to solve installation, wiring and product selection issues while onboard.

Our iNstall app is now available for both iOS and Android devices, and can also be viewed as a website at www.gemecoinstall.com.

1. iNstall runs on many popular devices, both Apple and Android.

2. The tranducer selector enables you to drill down to find the exact model you need.

3. Once you have found the right model you can view its color brochure.

4. iNstall has a built-in tilt measurement to determine the exact deadrise of the hull at any point.

5. Wiring diagrams are included for many common transducer connectors.

6. Installation guides can be viewed as you work.

7. Full color brochures are included for many transducer models.

8. The Mix and Match guide shows which transducers are available in this configuration.

9. The bottom coverage screens show how much area is covered by a given beam width at a specific deoth.

10. It also shows the bottom coverage for each included transducer model.

11. You can avoid installation problems by locating magnetic fields that might cause interference.

12. The wire sizer guides you in choosing the correct cable for your application.

13. Testing transducer temperature sensors is easier with iNstall to help.

14. You can view the Gemeco website or contact us by email from within the app.