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Glomex is a leading manufacturer of antennas for the marine sector. Gemeco distributes their TV antennas and mounting accessories.

Glomex s.r.l. is a European company based in Ravenna, Italy.

Enclosed TV Antenna

The Glomex V9126 enclosed TV antenna provides omni-directional performance with both horizontal and vertical polarized signals.

Mast Mount

The Glomex V9173 stainless-steel mast mount is designed for 10"/14" TV antennas

Directional TV Antenna

The Glomex V9130 is three times more efficient compared to omnidirectional antennas, giving a gain of up to 36db.

14" TV A/B kit

The Glomex V9112/AB with amplifier allows you to feed in multiple signals such as dockside cable or DVD as well as receiving signals over the air.