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FTZ Industries

FTZ Industries is a leading manufacturer of electrical components for transportation and industrial applications. For over 30 years we have provided innovative products and unmatched service to our customers.

FTZ is a division of Ilsco Corporation. Ilsco was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1894. Combined with Ilsco, and its Utilco Division, FTZ offers a tremendous depth of capability. Our resources include UL certified test facilities, robotic based manufacturing, industry leading product development and engineering. These extensive resources insure that FTZ customers get the best of the best.

Cool Seal

Cool Seal is a heat-less, solderless terminal which utilizes revolutionary anaerobic sealant technology and which installs in a fraction of the time of comparable heat seal connectors.

Clear Seal

Clear Seal is the latest advancement in an expanded line of patented and innovative heat shrink connectors. Its proprietary tubing features increased clarity, better abrasion resistance and greater tensile strength.

Crimp'N Seal Extreme

Designed to perform in the harshest environments, the Crimp'N Seal Extreme provides three protective insulating layers.

Multi Purpose Crimp

The MPC features a spring-loaded handle, safety lock, and heavy-duty steel construction.

Power Lugs

These heavy duty starter power lugs have increased wall thickness for greater strength and conductivity.

Eco-Max Battery Terminals

The first environmentally-friendly, 100% copper, lead-free battery terminals.