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Electronic Devices, Inc.

Manufacturing test equipment for the marine electronics industry since 1978.

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Transducer Testing

EDI builds sophisticated test equipment for installers to check the function of marine transducers in place.


The TT-2Dx is designed to test acoustic transducers for resonance over the frequency range of 10 kHz to 2,500 kHz. The TT-2Dx tests most all types of transducers, including transformer-coupled and magnetostrictive devices. The transducers relative phase and the impedance at resonance are displayed on the two line LCD display. The leakage resistance of the transducer can be measured and displayed over the range of 40 ohms to 10 megohms.


The DSTS-4A Depth Sounder Test Set uses digital signal processing to bring new levels of accuracy and ease of use together for your benefit. Equally at home in the engineering lab, repair shop, or production line, the DSTS-4A fills all the requirements to test and calibrate today's sophisticated depth sounders.


The DSTS-5A/2C is designed for testing chirp sonar over the frequency range of 1.5 kHz to 500 kHz. The transmitted pulse from the sonar is digitized and stored in memory. After the selected depth delay, the stored echo pulse is returned to the sonar with the same frequency spectrum and length as the pulse received from the sonar.