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DT/DST800 Transducers

The DST800 and DT800 transducers are designed to use the P617V or B617V housings with integral valves. Inserts are shipped with a yellow O-ring installed as shown below.

The DST800 senses depth, speed and temperature. The DT has no speed sensor. These models are for use with instruments, and are not fishfinder transducers.

The transducers can also be used with P17/B17 non-valve housings. The transducers are shipped with a spare black o-ring, and the yellow O-ring must be removed and replaced with the black version in order to make a correct seal in the P17/B17 housings.

DST800 with Plastic Housing

DST800 with Yellow O-Ring for P617

P617 Housing with Valve 33-510

DT800 with Bronze Housing
Smart model

DST800 with Black O-Ring for P17

P17 Housing (non-valve) 33-417

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
09-035 Black upper O-ring (shown installed).
09-518-30 Yellow upper O-ring (shown installed).
33-482-01 Blanking plug for DST800 for non-valve housings (P17, B17).
33-486-01 Blanking plug for DST800 for valve housings (P617V, B617V).
33-510-01 Plastic P617V Housing with Valve.
33-588-01 Bronze B617V Housing with Valve (Stainless-steel 33-617-01 also available).
33-398-04 1 paddlewheel and shaft, 4 O-rings