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DMK Yacht

The DMK Box provides wireless access to your vessel's instrument data.

The DMK 11A accepts NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and SeaTalk NG data and transmits it via WiFi to the display device of your choice. An optional GPS antenna is available.


The DMK-11A is a wireless gateway that bridges marine electronics data from a variety of marine data buses to Wi-Fi (802.11b). Its objective is to allow the graphic display of marine data on a variety of devices including laptop and desktop personal computers and a range of compact portable devices including Apple iOS devices and Android devices.


The DMK AEM14 will input voltages from analog engine sensors and tachometer and output NMEA 2000 engine data. It is also a USB to NMEA 2000 gateway and can translate other NMEA 2000 data to output through the USB Port. The device can work alongside existing gauges or wired directly to engine sensors.

Boat Shows

Visit with DMK at regional and national boat shows.

DMK App for iOS

Download the free DMK app and other compatible marine apps to display your boat's data.