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Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht is all about next generation navigation, communication and entertainment systems for your boat. Digital Yacht firmly believes that low cost consumer devices such as iPhones and tablets, PCs and MACs have a place on board and can help make legacy systems compete with the latest in dedicated marine electronic products at a fraction of the cost. Digital Yacht makes internet access whilst afloat easy and affordable as well as bringing all your navigation data to your favourite consumer devices - not just for you but for crew and guests too.

AIS Transponders

Digital Yacht's Extensive range of AIS products provides solutions for every type of boat, from an open cockpit RIB to a SOLAS Super Tanker. For customers that just want to see where surrounding vessels are, select one of the range of Receivers or if you also want other vessels to know your position, select a Transponder.

PilotLink Wi-Fi Interface

PilotLINK is a wireless interface for Class A AIS systems. All Class A transponders share a common “Pilot Plug” connector that Pilot-LINK connects directly to via a 1m cable. PilotLINK then creates a wifi navigation network on board the vessel which allows AIS and GPS data from the Class A to be sent directly to any connected mobile devices such as phones or tablets. It’s compatible with iOS and Android systems (depending upon app utilised) as well as PC & MAC based systems.

NavLink Wireless NMEA Server

NavLink is a simple and cost effective wireless device that converts NMEA2000 data into a wireless data feed that can be received by any mobile wireless device. Using standard NMEA data formats, NavLink is compatible with all software applications that support TCP (single device) or UDP (multiple devices) data transfer.

DualNav GPS/Glonass Sensor

The GPS150 DualNav positioning sensor combines a super accurate 50 channel GPS with GLONASS, the Russian funded satellite positioning system that is now on line and providing an excellent back up or alternative to GPS. This smart sensor will automatically switch between the systems or the user can manually select the most appropriate for their activity. The GPS150 will also be able to utilise the European funded Galileo positioning system when it comes on line.