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CTM1 & CTM3 Transducers

The CTM1 was produced for a short time in the late 1990s. It used a stainless steel shaft and bottom plate with a black plastic multi-sensor module attached. The stainless shaft jack nut used 3 stainless screws for a more secure lock.

This was a valve model. The retaining clevis pin entered through the top valve sleeve.

An optional long-stem conversion kit #33-170 was available to lengthen the shaft by about 2.5" to create the CTM3.

The fairing block #33-169 for both variants is no longer available.

Speed insert 20-752-1 (CTM1)

Blanking plug 20-175-1 (CTM1)

Paddlewheel 33-113

Speed insert 20-752-3 (CTM3)

Speed Insert Dimensions (CTM1)

Blanking Plug Dimensions (CTM1)

Speed Insert Dimensions (CTM3)

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-113 Paddlewheel kit.