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The complete CHIRP product line

CHIRP transducers are available in the same range of mounting options as conventional transducers - low-profile through-hull, low-profile tilted, through-hull with external fairing, in-hull, transom mount, and pocket mount.

Simpler CHIRP models have a lower power and fewer active ceramic elements. More complex models have multiple ceramics and higher power output.

Many CHIRP models will fit into the same housings and mounting brackets as their conventional equivalents.

1. CHIRP transducers use many of the same mounts as conventional transducers.

2. The base models have a 300W power rating and CHIRP at a single frequency.

3. They are well suited for lake and shallow-water coastal fishing.

4. The more powerful 75 series are the same size as the conventional B60 models.

5. The 75-series can be used in pairs by some sounders.

6. The 765 dual-band model is compatible with the fairing for the B744V.

7. The 765 is a low-cost dual-band transducer operating in either the Low/High (LH) or Low/Medium (LM) bands.

8. The 175 single-band models are available in the Low, Medium or High bands.

9. The B175 and SS175 transducers are the same size as the conventional B164, SS164, and SS264.

10. The 175 wide-beam high band version has a full 25° beamwidth.

11. The 265 dual-band models have a variety of mounting options.

12. The 265 range is available in either Low/High (LH) or Low/Medium (LM) combinations.

13. The 275s are a variant of the 265LH with a wide-beam high band.

14. High-powered CHIRP models have multiple ceramics for finer resolution of the targets.

15. Ultra-wide models will have a beam width of 40°.