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CHIRP Connectors

Airmar CHIRP transducers are made with cables ending in a bare wire connection. Some sounders have internal terminal blocks to which these bare wires can be connected, but many CHIRP fishfinders and sounders use brand-specific connectors.

Gemeco has introduced a new line of in-line splices that can be used to connect CHIRP transducers to the correct connector for a given application. These splices are available in two models, one for wires with up to 6 conductors and one for wires with up to 10 conductors. Both models have waterproof gland fittings rated to IP67. A 1.3mm hex-head wrench is included.

Connection kits are available with an inline splice plus a brand-specific connector on a cable pigtail.

These in-line splices can also be used to connect two wire segments for non-CHIRP transducers.

Airmar makes an adapter box for Raymarine CHIRP applications, and Garmin makes its own adapter boxes for use with its blue 8-pin and orange 12-pin connectors.


In-line Splice, Assembled

6 Conductor : A = 0.79"; B = 0.87"; C = 3.60"; D = 2.13"
10 Conductor : A = 1.14"; B = 1.26"; C = 4.90"; D = 2.87"

In-line Splice Kit for Lowrance/Simrad, using 6-conductor splice model

In-line Splice Kit for Humminbird 18-Pin, using 10-conductor splice model

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
D00218H 6-Conductor In-Line Splice
D00342H 10-Conductor In-Line Splice
BLC-Splice Splice Kit for Lowrance/Simrad single-band CHIRP transducers, with blue 7-pin connector
BL-Splice Splice Kit for Lowrance/Simrad non-CHIRP transducers, with blue 7-pin connector
HB9-Splice Splice Kit for Humminbird #9 CHIRP transducer connections
HB14-Splice Splice Kit for Humminbird 14-pin CHIRP transducer connections
HB18-Splice Splice Kit for Humminbird 18-pin CHIRP transducer connections
010-11613-00 Garmin adapter box for single-band CHIRP tranducers, with blue-8-pin connector
010-11613-10 Garmin adapter box for dual-band CHIRP tranducers, with orange 12-pin connector
33-969-01 Airmar adapter box for single-band or dual-band CHIRP tranducers, with Raymarine 11-pin connector