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Panel Wizard

Blue Sea Systems has launched a Panel Wizard system that allows you to design a custom electrical panel and submit it to Gemeco for a quote. Review the design sequence in the slide show, and then press the button at the bottom of the page to start your own design.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Click on the button below and the Blue Sea Panel Wizard will open in a new tab.
  • Register if you have not done so already. If you are already registered, Login. If you do not want to register at this time, press the 'Try It' button to use the Panel Wizard on a test basis.
  • Select the required panel frame size.
  • Select the required panel voltage.
  • Click on one of the Module groups to show available modules.
  • Drag and drop a module into a slot in the panel outline. Use the 'Info' icon on the module image to show information about that module, and the 'No Entry' icon to remove the module from the design. Some modules may need further work to add breakers and labels.
  • Press 'High Resolution Preview' to show a preview image of your panel design in a new tab.
  • Press 'Save this Configuration' to save your panel design for your next session.
  • When your design is complete, click the 'Submit Quote Request' button to submit the design to us.

If you are a Gemeco wholesale dealer, we will send you a quote for the custom panel. If you are a boat-owner who does not have a Gemeco wholesale account, we will send the design details to a dealer in your area who will contact you to arrange pricing and delivery/installation.