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B66V Transducer

The B66V arrived in the late 1990s and included an integrated valve. It was similar to the B44V but with a slightly larger head to accomodate elements such as 50kHz, narrow-beam 200kHz, 170kHz and 192kHz.

The retaining clevis pin entered through the valve sleeve. Below the clevis pin is the 2" black plastic screw-down cap retaining the valve sleeve.

The B66V used a low-speed fairing block #33-029 that is no longer available. Other replacement parts are the same as the older-version B744V.

Speed insert 20-752-1

Blanking plug 20-175-5

Paddlewheel kit 33-113

Speed Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
20-175-5 Blanking plug.
20-752-1 Speed insert.
33-113 Paddlewheel kit.
405 Bronze hull nut.