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B44 Transducers

The B44 was the first triducer produced by Airmar, measuring speed, temperature and depth in one unit. It differs from the later 'V' versions by the lack of a valve in the housing.

The retaining clevis pin enters through the side of the threaded portion of the bronze housing. There is a noticeable flare on the top surface of the main body of the transducer for better contact with the fairing block.

There was no available high-speed fairing. Speed inserts were originally without flow stability fins and were painted blue. Later inserts were made with fins for better speed accuracy.

B44 showing clevis pin and safety chain.

B44 showing flare on top surface.

Low-speed fairing block 33-028

Original speed insert 33-122

Later speed insert 33-122 with protruding fins

Blanking plug 33-123

Speed Insert Dimensions

Blanking Plug Dimensions

Available Parts

Part Part # Description
33-028 Fairing Block.
33-113 Paddlewheel kit.
33-122 Speed insert with fins
33-123 Blanking Plug
405 Bronze hull nut