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Airmar YouTube Videos

Airmar now has its own channel on YouTube with new product information, installation and repair advice, interviews with Airmar customers, and much more. Here are some of the latest uploads.

This Is Nick Stanczyk

Airmar Chirp is Captain Nick Stanczyk's eyes to the world below!

Uploaded Sep 27, 2019

Airmar TM165HW Transducer

Unlock the true potential of your fishfinder!

Uploaded Aug 2, 2019

Transducer University Pro Tip: In-Hull Maintenance

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives a quick rundown on in-hull transducers and the maintenance around them.

Uploaded Jun 25, 2019

The Best Way To Find Hull Deadrise

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives the rundown on the best way to find your hull's deadrise with the Gemeco iNstall app.

Uploaded Jul 22, 2019

Airmar B175M Refit Install

A project boat for 'On The Water' magazine.

Uploaded Jun 20, 2019

Transducer University - Why You Need A Fairing Block

Airmar's Craig Cushman gives the rundown on why you need a fairing block.

Uploaded Mar 4, 2019